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Blood Servant

Kim Sunggyu, corrupted by immortality and an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Powers: Empathy, Persuasion, Day walker.

r/s: single

((18+ Mature Content, para/script friendly))

infinite invading high society next week aka bully sunggyu day (x)

hope all of you ate well this evening! if not…

Donate for Charity. 


Hey. Im new here. And im really thirsty.
You look as delicious as hell.
Wanna be a donor?
I promise i’ll be kind.
I bite.

maybe this could be your welcoming gift.



sometimes I close my eyes and I can’t see

sometimes sunggyu opens his eyes, and he still can’t seeimage


i’ll get you all replies soon. I worked all night two nights in a row so I really need to catch up on some much needed sleep. Also, it turns out I’m sick as well so I’m hoping to sleep that off. I’ll see you all tomorrow!